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Best 3 Image Formats For Web Design and Development

JPEG or GIF is the most common images saving formats that we have been using for ages. Recently, there are new image formats that have been introduced to the world, and it has been accepted by many due to the functions even though the efficiency is not as the old formats. In developing designing, one of the most crucial parts is image format. The choices of format are vast, and the designers should be able to decide the one that could fit in perfectly. Here are the best three image formats for web design Malaysia:

1. SVG

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is one of the latest vector image format launched in 2011. Other than the usual formats, this is one of the best options to save the images from websites because it delivers clear images no matter what is the size and resolutions. It is also a lossless format just like GIF and PNG. However, it is not a pixels resolution web graphic designer but mathematically driven. That is why it able to gives clear images despite the shapes and curves even support transparency comprises a combination of colours for an animated format. Regardless of the functionality, SVG often comes with a larger file compared to GIF and PNG.


Google developed this format solely for their own software not universalised so that they can provide the image format that single web capable that enables the user to handle specific issues. However, it is a complex format that will block the prediction and the unoriginal VP8 video codec, yet it is a lossless compression that supports animations and transparency. Most of the developers use it as a replacement of other images format that has mentioned before.


These two images formats are co-related, but with two different aspects. HEVC supports multi-frame images with multi-frame compression such as HDR, multi-focus or even the images with multi-views because the file contains the support from the largest feature set across the image formats. However, HEIF supports many versatile types of non-images data. It is an H265/HEVC video codec, hence it works as container and compress of images mainly with 4K and 8K resolutions. Nevertheless, the HEVC is a complex process of coding compared to other image formats such as JPEG, but the efficiency is high compression with high-cost coding times.…

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What Web Designing Might Look Like In The Future

The current standards of Web Designs, especially in the Web Design Malaysia market has grown to incredible lengths, leaping across boundaries of what was thought to limit the creativity of the user in how they wished to stylise their site and see their vision come to life. Countless tools and trends have come and gone, revealing the exciting prospect and potential at every turn with new inventions that the define the way designing for a website really is. However, for this article, the insight will not be from the perspective of the past but instead on what the future might hold for Web Design.

Many of the biggest complaint of Websites today, especially with the use of designs that have a lot of animation and CSS would be the performance of these sites. However, current sites do show a promising future that the likeliness of performances will improve over time as the software and coding that is part of the design of the website will be simplified and various plugins and software decreases any problems with the loading and these changes don’t seem as far off as what was thought of before. There is also a highlight of how the advancement of technology will also garner the rise of web design, an example being the introduction of the retina optimized images om sites as well which was the result of the advancements made by Apple In. in their retina displays installed on their devices which assures that any image seen is detailed and crisp.

To conclude, the advancements made to the current standards of the Web Design spell good promise to the future of the craft itself. What was thought to be these advancements coming at a time much further ahead are seemingly coming much sooner which means that the evolution of Web Design will get increasingly faster and much more innovative.