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Why Protein is Good For You

Protein, in general, is good for your body. Our body has a specific protein intake that we have to meet daily. This is something that we shouldn’t shy away from. Aside from protein, there are several other nutritional values that you should consider. A few things such as fat, carbohydrate, and several others.

Here are several reasons why our body needs protein in our “frozen” diet:

1. Building muscle

All of us have muscle in our bodies. Consuming protein is actually one of the ways to grow your muscles. We need muscles in our bodies. Muscle growth actually depends on the amount of protein that we consume. The rate of how muscle breakdown depends on the amount of protein and body type.

2. Repairing tissues

It is healthy to have constant cell tissue generation. It is important to a healthy body. Usually, all our cells don’t last for too long, as they die and have to regenerate back again. Protein will help the old cells and repair brand new cells.

3. Improve Bone Strength

Bone strength depends on protein as well. High protein contributes to our bone density. If you increase your protein intake, your bones will get stronger as well. Bone strength is very important in the long run because when you grow older, you tend to get more fragile. Your bones especially will get more fragile.

To sum it up, there is no such thing as too much or too little protein. It is vital and essential to have a decent amount of protein in our bodies. One of the ways to increase your daily protein intake is to consume a lot of meat or chicken. You don’t have to just eat chicken, you can eat other sources of protein as well. You can find any halal chicken supplier Singapore to get your daily dose of chicken supply.

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